Cute things to say to your boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend that you probably share all your love with; well it doesn’t hurt or cost a thing to show some more love and romance by saying something cute to him. A little appreciation will always boost what the two of you have and it will always keep the relationship strong. Don’t you love being appreciated, and being pampered with more love? Many guys love being told all the sweet things in the world and by this a guy will have that feeling that his lady or girlfriend loves him. A bigger population of ladies knows this, but the problem is that most of them don’t know the exact sweet words to use. In order for a relationship to be perfect many aspects have to be considered, appreciation being one of the things that tops them all. Here are top 10 most cute things to say to your guy that will make him feel loved.

  1. Having to meet you for the first time makes it the best day and moment of my life.
  2. I would waste all my time to be with you.
  3. You make part of my other half that I wouldn’t want to lose.
  4. Each time you say goodbye it gets lonely, the only time I feel complete is when you are next to me.
  5. You are ever girls dream guy and having you is all I want in my life.
  6. Whenever am with you I feel like a queen because you take care of my heart like no one else in the world.
  7. You are more much better than the rose without the thorns, and would rather have a taste of your lips than eat candy. Your lips don’t add calories.
  8. You are one of the sweetest guy have ever met, the way you talk makes me jealous of every other lady you talk to.
  9. You rule my heart, mind and all my dreams you everything that runs my world.
  10. If nothing is meant to last forever, then let me be your nothing.

Finding the right and cute things to say to that guy that you love, not only keeps the relationship burning, but also proves the extend of love that you have for him. Here are top 10 incredibly cute things to say to your boyfriend that will make him feel loved and appreciated.